It is storming. I really enjoy the sound of the thunder, rain hitting the ground and the flashes of thunder. That is what it is doing right now. I had planned to go swimming today. But right now the pool will be closed. I can do things around the house to get a mini workout in, Try again tomorrow to get there. Maybe I can get a ride and at least do the weights.

I am getting back into reading more and trying to slowly limit my game time online. Reading is so much better. So many have lost the art of reading. I have books both on my tablet, but, I also have a ton of the {old} style books… I think today I will curl up and the chair and read.

I also think I will do pen pal and postcards today. I have slacked on that as well. 




GOD IS JUST NOT FAIR – Finding Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense
By Jennifer Rothschild
The author asks God many deep questions, Are you Fair, Do you ERR, Do you hear Prayer, Do you care, Are you aware, and Are you there?
Going blind as a teenager she struggled with all of these questions, along with many doubts and depression.
Through each chapter she asks questions and gives verses to look up and read. I can say that I know this is a book I will read over and over and add more highlights and notes.
Sometime we many not like God’s answers but we can learn to except them and know that we may never find the answers to the WHY?
If I ask God and He doesn’t answer, do I ask why? Or except?
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Matthew 27:46
For me I still wonder why so many things in my life have happened. I can relate in many things that the author talks about and I am thankful that my eyes are opened more. I know this will be a book that does not go hidden on a shelf.
I really think that this is a good book for all to read.

I received this book from http://booklookbloggers.com for free, with the promise of a review. I am doing this review with my own thoughts and words. I am still new to reviews. I enjoy reading many Genres


My Birthday

Today I turned 46. I had a wonderful time with Sean down town supporting local stores! We need to do this more then going to the chain stores. I bought a couple more books. I need to finish up the ones I am reading. I am going to make a list of the books I want to read and start them in order..

This has been a totally awesome week.!


dreary day

Rain, sleet, snow.. movies, what else could a day bring..

I usually like snow, but, in am so over it. Looking forward to the sunshine, warm days to be outside…

I have not gotten up on my leg in over a week, going bit the bullet and wear it tomorrow. Need to get up and moving..

This week with the “mini”  operation, added to the MINI complication, the mini stay in rain/cold has me in a MINI mood change.. all to change a..have to..


So I also will go to the YMCA this week, and just slowly get back into things.. I don’t want to be there for 3 hours working out so may take donut and read.

Finish this 40day challenge best I can. I will set up a self one and go from there.



I RECIEVED Lean Body Fat Wallet from http://booklookbloggers.com it was given to me free, with the understanding that I will give my own personal review. I will not receive anything else for my review. 


Lean Body Fat Wallet by: Ellie Kay & Danna Demeter

In Lean Body Fat Wallet Ellie and Danna take us through their separate struggle of body and money. They show many different steps to show us how to overcome these same struggles many of us share.

By answer questions that are asked throughout the chapters you can learn ways you may not already know for a healthier and more principally stable life. There are many questions they ask you to think about and answer. Charts to look at.

They share some of there toughest struggles to over come body and money. Through this they hope to help those that struggle with these same issues.

They first show how to discover your self then they show how to apply methods to make changes.


For me this book is a reminder of things I know. It also has shown me new way to look at things. Ways that were not working with a simple change may help.  just because some of this book I already do, there are many parts that help..

Like asking my self what do I want? What are the steps to get there?

I want to be healthier, something I have always struggled with. I can make mistakes. But to physically look at what I actually want step by step. Something new. Like they explain it didn’t happen over night, it will not change over night. I have slips and falls… get back up and restart.






my week

This was a week of pops, burns, falls, I never thought I could, but did, fire department, friends, good time, laughs and music. That said God had a hand in everything that happened. Looking back, maybe I do need slow down, not that  I was going fast, but slow down to see that things are really not that bad for me. Sometime I get caught up in the poor me. Then I hear a friends mom is dying, a man has cancer, a little girl is fighting cancer, no many others are battling a lot more then me. So I need a new washer, not a huge deal. So I feel, I didn’t break anything. So I had to call the fire department , better safe then oh crap I burnt the land lords house down. Maybe I fell out of the good eating and back into the trap I tend to go to comfort foods. Tomorrow is a new day. I can really start day over any time.. I started it over a few dozen on Friday..as I sit here and look out the window, washer siting there for now, flags flying.. cars going by.. I know that I have what I need a house, food, and clothing. ( and my meds. ) so what do I have to worry about, really nothing as what needs to happen will with God’s help.