Before, After, and Somebody In Between By: Jeannine Garsee

Martha suddenly finds herself in a new school, in the “ghetto” The center of a bully. A case worker named Zelda that she just doesn’t want to deal with. She finds a couple friends. She still only feels she has her journal to keep her thoughts in.

She finds that she loves playing the Cello and though out the book battles with being able to and wanting to play.

Suddenly yet again her my is put in rehab and Martha finds herself in a new place to live. A lawyer from what you can say is from the other side of the tracks. A lawyer and his family take her in. Only the lawyer at first knows of her past. She changes her name to Gina, wanting to hide her past.

Getting lost in this new world and not wanting to be part of her old. She Hurts the few friends she had made. She falls in love, or at lest she thinks she has.

Yet again her world is flipped over. She finds herself back at home. She starts to spiral out of control, following her mother.

It takes her hitting a bottom to find herself and know that who she is, and that is something wonderful.