I have started to read a lot. In am reading several books right now. Some I can not put down, in get lost in them. While others I read some and put it down, forgetting to pick it up and read more.

Right now I am reading:

Running Blind by Lee Child, Jack Reacher series. This is a book I find myself getting lost in.

I am reading both of J.D Nixon series. Those also I get lost in, 2nd time reading through. These are eBook only format.


The Pirie filled life by Charles Stanley, this is one I am struggling with. Maybe because I need this book? Maybe in just do not understand? Either way I will waddle through it. I have to. I received it from http://www.booklookblogger.com so I have to review with my honest take.

I need to really start doing reviews on all my books. I think I need to read reviews more to help me to do better reviews.

So with that said when I finish my next book..no idea which one it will be first. I will be sure to post a review here, goodreads and amazon.