my week

This was a week of pops, burns, falls, I never thought I could, but did, fire department, friends, good time, laughs and music. That said God had a hand in everything that happened. Looking back, maybe I do need slow down, not that  I was going fast, but slow down to see that things are really not that bad for me. Sometime I get caught up in the poor me. Then I hear a friends mom is dying, a man has cancer, a little girl is fighting cancer, no many others are battling a lot more then me. So I need a new washer, not a huge deal. So I feel, I didn’t break anything. So I had to call the fire department , better safe then oh crap I burnt the land lords house down. Maybe I fell out of the good eating and back into the trap I tend to go to comfort foods. Tomorrow is a new day. I can really start day over any time.. I started it over a few dozen on I sit here and look out the window, washer siting there for now, flags flying.. cars going by.. I know that I have what I need a house, food, and clothing. ( and my meds. ) so what do I have to worry about, really nothing as what needs to happen will with God’s help.


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