A Home For Lydia by Vannetta Chapman

” A Home for Lydia” is the 2nd book in the Pebble Creek series by Vendetta Chapman. I suggest you rad book #1 A promise for Miriam, before reading this book. It is an introduction to Lydia. This series is based on a fictional Amish family(families.

In A home for Lydia, she is now out of school and working at Plain Cabins. She works to help her family. Due to the death of the owner. Aaron arrives, he is the nephew of the owner. He is sent by his father to help his aunt and her children.

Aaron and Lydia do not see things the same way. Aaron is frustrated at what he sees when he arrives. Lydia is frustrated at Aaron for the way he begins to care for  The Plain Cabins. It takes many things throughout the Amish community for them both to see things.

There is Gracie, Clara, Miriam, and a Varity of family members that have side issues.

In this book I like to see the growth of Gracie age 9. Though she was not a main character, the author showed her continue to grow from the first book.

I also like how this book is more true to the Amish life and shows that they deal with the same issues as English people do. I also enjoy how they show how close to God they are. In one point the Bishop talks with Gracie when she mentions Gus her donkey. This part really touched me.

I am ready to read the next book and continue to see this community grow and share how they help each other.


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