The Gallant Outlaw : By Gilbet Morris

In this book of the continue stories of the House of Winslow. Each book follows a family member which started with Gilbert Winslow.

We are introduced to Zack and his grown children. His daughter Betsy feels left out. She feels her sister Lanie is more beautiful and more popular.

Betsy meets Vic. She thinks she’s in love and leaves home to go with him. She did not realize that he was an out law. When her family finds out the trouble she is in, lanie feels responsible and foes after her.

Soon to follow is Wesley, a friend of the family.. will not tell about him have to read.
the young Winslow ladies go through a lot. On the end. One of the gangsters finds God… this seems to be a theme in the House of Winslow. Sometimes it is a Winslow and sometimes it is someone they show to find God.

I have read each Winslow book, I grow closer each with each one. I love seeing how it started with Gilbert Winslow and each family looks back to what he did and how he survived thought the brutal first winter in America.


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