Blood of the Prodigal by P.L Gaus

This book starts of with the Amish Bishop asking a local professor  for help finding his grandson. The grandson of his son Johan. Johan had left the Amish life. When he realized he had a son he took him, saying he would bring him back.

When the Bishop talked to the professor, he made it clear that he was not to involve the police. If he did he would deny every thing. He also did not want anyone to know about the search for his grandson.

Johan ends up dead near his family farm, when this comes to light. The professor has to go to the police. They follow many leads. When they come to find Jeremiah. They find the truth about the ransom. The truth about Johan.


This was an easy read for me, I didn’t want to stop reading. I was drawn into the fact that an Amish Bishop asked an Englishmen for help. Seeing how the Amish live in the plain way. Compared to the English.

I liked how many were invoked, without really knowing at first that they were. How in the end everyone was involved with finding you Jeremiah.

I also like that I learned a bit more about the Amish ways.




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