I have totally been slacking on reading. Plan for Saturday is to read most of the day. Then I get to go with my daughter to Avenue Q.


I have just started reading lean body fat wallet by Ellie kay and Danna Demeter. I received this book from www.booklook.com  . I look forward to reviewing this. Highlighting and take notes.

Well peace out.


The Gallant Outlaw : By Gilbet Morris

In this book of the continue stories of the House of Winslow. Each book follows a family member which started with Gilbert Winslow.

We are introduced to Zack and his grown children. His daughter Betsy feels left out. She feels her sister Lanie is more beautiful and more popular.

Betsy meets Vic. She thinks she’s in love and leaves home to go with him. She did not realize that he was an out law. When her family finds out the trouble she is in, lanie feels responsible and foes after her.

Soon to follow is Wesley, a friend of the family.. will not tell about him have to read.
the young Winslow ladies go through a lot. On the end. One of the gangsters finds God… this seems to be a theme in the House of Winslow. Sometimes it is a Winslow and sometimes it is someone they show to find God.

I have read each Winslow book, I grow closer each with each one. I love seeing how it started with Gilbert Winslow and each family looks back to what he did and how he survived thought the brutal first winter in America.


A Walk Through the Dark By Eva Piper and Cecil Piper

Eva is the wife of Don Piper. Don was in a tragic accident that left him with along road of healing. Eva shares her road along Don’ts side.

Eva stands by her husband even through the dark times. She struggles with her faith. Through pray and her church it grows stronger. Her family is torn apart so that Don can heal. Their daughter stays at a friends and their sons go to grandparents and have to change schools through this first year.

At times Eva is unsure how to deal with her husband attitude and depression. She also did not know a secret that Don was holding back on. A year after the accident Don shares with Eva the time he spent while he had played in the car, pronounced dead. In that 90 minutes Don explains how he went to Heaven. He told her he didn’t understand why he was brought back to just struggle with all the pain.

For me I could relate with this book. As a parent and having 3 children. My son has come close to dyeing a few times. The first and most scaring was in February of 2004. He was med-fighter. I had to be driven the 2 hours to the hospital.  Even though I didn’t know how he was truly feeling as for a week he was unresponsive. Over the next 7 years we walked on egg shells going through time of remission to going to the hospital in a blink of the eye.

I realized after a year or 2 that it was my son Sean, that was holding on to God and his faith, while I was lost. It was him that brought me out of the dark hole of not understanding.

This book was given to me through www.booklook.com  I agreed to read it and post a review for free. I am not being paid and this is my own review and thoughts



Blood of the Prodigal by P.L Gaus

This book starts of with the Amish Bishop asking a local professor  for help finding his grandson. The grandson of his son Johan. Johan had left the Amish life. When he realized he had a son he took him, saying he would bring him back.

When the Bishop talked to the professor, he made it clear that he was not to involve the police. If he did he would deny every thing. He also did not want anyone to know about the search for his grandson.

Johan ends up dead near his family farm, when this comes to light. The professor has to go to the police. They follow many leads. When they come to find Jeremiah. They find the truth about the ransom. The truth about Johan.


This was an easy read for me, I didn’t want to stop reading. I was drawn into the fact that an Amish Bishop asked an Englishmen for help. Seeing how the Amish live in the plain way. Compared to the English.

I liked how many were invoked, without really knowing at first that they were. How in the end everyone was involved with finding you Jeremiah.

I also like that I learned a bit more about the Amish ways.