Setting goals

I am ready. I am motivated. I
can do them !



I have started to do a lot of reading.. I am going to work on doing reviews so I can get better at them.. and words of help how to do them…


Dreams and Visions Is Jesus awakening the Muslim world

Dreams and Visions :
I received this book through Book Sneeze, for free. In return I will give my own review about the book.

I am not sure what I was expecting when I choose this book. That said.

I started reading it, and I was really unable to get into it. I guess that is the easiest way to describe it.

The parts of the book that I did read, my understanding is it is about Muslims having dreams and visions about Jesus.. hence the name of the book.

I will pass this book on to someone else.. and see if they read it and maybe can help me to understand it more.

I feel bad that I received this book with the thought of reading it through..only to find that I am lost.

Dreams and Visions is Jesus awakening the Muslin world? By Tom Doyle and Greg Webster



I am trying to figure out where to actually have my blog. Also, to actually write a blog that someone will read and is not just out there in cyber land floating around.

So, If anyone is reading this .. comments to help please..


puzzles and light bulbs

Okay so some times people will say “oh he light just went on” meaning the thought entered or reentered or.. for me the “ah ha ya okay i get it now”

Over my life I have had o battle a few (some may say many) obstacles or battles or as i like  to say the broken puzzle piece.

Over the last 6 years I have been trying to “fix” many pieces.. that had pilled up over the previous 6 years.. So 6 years I let pieces become broken and tossed them a side.. than just over 6 years.. I one by one have picked them up (not literally) and “fixed them.. 

This week.. something happened… someone I had not seen in 6 years.. I ran into.. the 1st time we briefly talked about the biggest broken piece.. that i have been working… on .. that day the piece got fixed some more but was not totally fixed..  than I ran into the same lady again this week.. I am so happy to say that that BIG BROKEN PIECE is mended.. and I can know surround it with many wonderful pieces… So the light bulb is out on that fixed piece an a new bright light bulb has turned on to add more pieces.

Forest Gump said “life is a box chocolates, you never know what you are going to get” .. I like that.. I also like looking at my life as a puzzle.. and I will be the one that finishes my puzzle.. that piece is in God’s hands!



I was just at the local Wal-Mart. I had to get my refill card for cell…Pre-Pay plan, that i really like… so anyway

It is really busy (who would have thunk? Right?) I was rolling around in my beat up manual chair… and surprisingly today there not that many rude people… Unless you count the lady that was able to walk in to the bathroom go straight for the handicap stall when there were 2 other stalls open… 

Normally people do not say.. oh you have a few things go ahead of me… well today there was 🙂 2x in 1 line..:) 

The man standing out side with the little red bucket was singing carols.. My son told me he was at the mall the other day… so this one many (of many) is spreading music through out the town..