Before, After, and Somebody In Between By: Jeannine Garsee

Martha suddenly finds herself in a new school, in the “ghetto” The center of a bully. A case worker named Zelda that she just doesn’t want to deal with. She finds a couple friends. She still only feels she has her journal to keep her thoughts in.

She finds that she loves playing the Cello and though out the book battles with being able to and wanting to play.

Suddenly yet again her my is put in rehab and Martha finds herself in a new place to live. A lawyer from what you can say is from the other side of the tracks. A lawyer and his family take her in. Only the lawyer at first knows of her past. She changes her name to Gina, wanting to hide her past.

Getting lost in this new world and not wanting to be part of her old. She Hurts the few friends she had made. She falls in love, or at lest she thinks she has.

Yet again her world is flipped over. She finds herself back at home. She starts to spiral out of control, following her mother.

It takes her hitting a bottom to find herself and know that who she is, and that is something wonderful.



I have started to read a lot. In am reading several books right now. Some I can not put down, in get lost in them. While others I read some and put it down, forgetting to pick it up and read more.

Right now I am reading:

Running Blind by Lee Child, Jack Reacher series. This is a book I find myself getting lost in.

I am reading both of J.D Nixon series. Those also I get lost in, 2nd time reading through. These are eBook only format.


The Pirie filled life by Charles Stanley, this is one I am struggling with. Maybe because I need this book? Maybe in just do not understand? Either way I will waddle through it. I have to. I received it from http://www.booklookblogger.com so I have to review with my honest take.

I need to really start doing reviews on all my books. I think I need to read reviews more to help me to do better reviews.

So with that said when I finish my next book..no idea which one it will be first. I will be sure to post a review here, goodreads and amazon.






God’s Weigh To Your Ideal Body Weight

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.[a]

Do not be wise in your own eyes;
    fear the Lord and shun evil.
This will bring health to your body
    and nourishment to your bones.


God’s “Weigh” to Your Ideal Body Weight Your Body Should Glorify God

By Michael Scott Lowery
Published by WestBow Press


I received this book from http://booklookbloggers.com for free with the promise to vive a review. This is my own thoughts on the book. I will not be paid.


Michael takes us on a journey through the Bible. He is showing us how in the Bible God wants us at an ideal body weight. By following the scripture we can all reach this.

I requested this because it jumped out at me. As someone that has always struggled with weight. I have tried so many things and get the same results. When I began the book, I almost stopped, I was feeling that I was reading the same thing in different ways. Well okay I was. As throughout the bible it shares how we are to reach what is to be our ideal weight.

Some continue to read, I admit I did skip parts of it.

What in the end I got out of it.

Michael shows many versus on what we are to do. How we are treat our body. It is not our body but God’s. He shares his thoughts on most of these passages. How he sees them.

I understand most of what he shares, though parts I do not and am not sure inever will. That right now is the path imam on.


I guess this may not be the best review. I don’t really say much.. there is a lot of passages that are good. Those are mainly what unread and how in was able to understand what Michael was trying to share. In that respect I feel this was a grate book.  Though for me, some of his thoughts throughout the book I struggle with. I do not think that we all have to do it the same way.


reading a book

GOD’S WEIGH RO IDEAL BODY WEIGHTI am really struggling reading this book. To me it seems to repeat the same thing in different ways. That said I am skimming this book and will do the best Incan on a review.

This is the 2nd book imam reading right now that imam finding my self skimming. Wonder what is up with that?

Well off to see how much more imam eead on these 2 books


No More Dragons



By: Jim Bergen

I received this book from http://booklookbloggers.com

With receiving this book for free I agreed to read it and put up a review. I am still new to reviewing books, but am enjoying it. So in this review I think I will go by cheaper give small review and then how I feel about it.

In No More Dragons, Jim shows how he battled threw his dragons. Dragons being the many life challenges each of go through in life.

He takes us through 10 chapters: 1) You, me and Dragons 2) Monkeys, Naked people and traitors, 3) Your past, Your present and Your train tracks 4)Elephants, Lions and depression, 5) Shark week, allergies and faith 6)Prayer, people and pills 7) missing limbs, burned pizza and cheater services 8) Gay guys, gangster and everyone else 9) Scarred guys, sick guys and small steps, 10)Truth, grace and spiritual’ poverty.

Chapter 1) You, Me and Dragons

       Jim talks about his first memories. How he was living in Africa and they left for the states over a conflict of baptism. He was a PK (preachers kid). He shares about how he turns from GOD and gets into drugs. In college he meets Robin. (who was a Christian). It was in college he heard Jesus tell him he was going to be a preacher, and there he started to let go of the Dragons.

     I am 46 and over the last few years have stomped some of my dragons. I hope to some day stomp more.. I am not sure I will all in my mind but I know through God’s yes and heart I have.

Chapter 2) Monkeys, Naked People and Traitors

       Growing up in church he learned about truths of God’s ways. He talks about when he learned you could call and buy a monkey and when no longer wanted made another call to get rid of. He visited a primate rescue center, he became interested in their stories and read them. He thinks about how they would love to be free if they had the chance. How they to can have bad days. He was not talking about monkeys here, but us and Jesus.

     I have felt trapped in my 2nd marriage.. looking back now I had my bad days and could have made better choices. Nosing that now I use that lesson to make better choices.

   Jim refers to times when Jesus looked for people not living the lives they were meant to live. He shares ( john 8: 1-11)

   I guess Jesus found me.

He shares the stories of Zacchaeus, The naked man on the beach, and the naked girl thrown at his feet.

In a few ways I can identify will all three, reading the virus opens my eyes to forgiveness

Look at pat present and train tracks shows how we have all of these. There are always tracks, or obstacles. How we deal with is a choice, to look and ask god for guidance.

What if dragons hurt us? He Jim talks to us and shares more virus on how god and the bible show us to overcome the hurt and pain.

I deal with depression, some days are bad, but I am starting to have more good, with help of Medici e but more help with God showing me.

In this are of the book Robin, shares her story, remember Robin the girl from college, well he married her.


Jim shares how pestering was not on his ‘to do list’ he wanted to run to the woods and live of the land.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do that sometimes? I still say that.

Jim shares about faith not being a perfect formula, we each have our own.

Wow’ this hot home! (Hebrew 4:16)

Well as I said earlier..i am new to reviewing.. I struggled with the last part of the book, so am not sure how to review. I can say that this is a book that will remain on myself and be read over again and again over the years. My self like that is becoming bigger.



I got out of the routine of reading.. so I have starting to get back into it… I really need to work on writing reviews… 

I just needed to get this out there.. i have a few things i want to post but a quick post better then no post.



I will be reading NO MORE DRAGONS by Jim Burgen. I received this book from http://booklookbloggers.com for free. In return I will give a review of the book. I am not being paid for this.. Looking forward to the read.